5 reason The Roots new album Rising Down could be a classic

The RootsThe Roots

How many of you know the Roots have a new lp coming out? And you call your selves fans of good music. Well on April 29th the Roots will release their upteenth album called Rising Down. So far from what I’ve heard these guys have switched it up again, for the better though. Not that the Roots have ever been whack, lets just say thay can take you places you may not be ready to go….but thats ok, Hip-Hop is supposed to do that. For the die hard Roots fans there hasn’t been any Malik B sightings thus far, but the guest list is not lacking at all. Dice Raw is back like he never really left. Also Peedi Crak pops up on the new release to put a lil street twist to a very boom bap inspired song. Hell Jazzy Jeff is on the joint making it complete. I wonder if Questlove brave enought to call in The Fresh Prince to spit on a joint we will wait and see. As for the 5 reason the album could be a classic just scroll down and listen for yourself.

The Roots

Rising down



The Roots

Black’s Reconstruction



The Roots

Get busy



The Roots

Hum Drum



The Roots

Birthday Girl

The link to this song “suddenly vanished” and for a good reason it was horrible and I think that the Roots caught drift of the stink and made the bad song go bye bye.




Here is a little bonus. These are the two videos The Roots have released so far from the Rising Down lp


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