What Hip-Hop is to me

The Birth Place of Hip-HopThis being my first post i guess I should put this little thing I wrote about Hip-Hop. First off i don’t think most people that love or at least claim to love really know what Hip-Hop is. And I’m not claiming to have the handbook on Hip-Hop or anything I just really pay attention to everything I’m shown, even the smallest details….its just how I am when it comes to this thing called Hip-Hop. As soon as I figure out how to upload some links to music the will be up.

                                                                                                 Hip-Hop is…..
            Many people see Hip-Hop as a way life. Many people even see it as a global economic structure, which can be a source of the realization of the American Dream. In actuality Hip-Hop is a self created savior to those in need of a more relative means of guidance. Its existence in the economically deprived areas has been a beacon of light for a new direction, a new choice for a misguided and forgotten youth. In its rawest form it is an expression for those same youth that called for its creation out of the chaotic, rebellious nature sub-par living conditions will create. At Hip-Hop’s socially conscious highest level it allowed those children to speak to the masses in intellectual and spiritual rhythms. At this present time Hip-Hop is still the voice most inner city children respond to and speak thru. But these days there is a divide in those who know the true power of the voice of Hip-Hop and those exercising that voice.
            The youth of today are viewed in many eyes so much different from the generations preceding them. In this particular area ( Central Ohio ) the youth with the most disadvantages are our African American children. The areas they live in leave them in situations where they are making life altering decisions without the guidance of the elders that have walked those footsteps before them. Many of us can be considered elders in these children’s eyes but in actuality we are peers to some degree. Those of us in the 25 to 35 years of age bracket still understand the dialect that these kids communicate in.
The opportunity to reach these children is calling out to all of us. And the very lifestyle (Hip-Hop) that some view as a deterrent to making it out of there situation is actually the key tool in re-establishing the connection to a wayward generation.  The opportunity to erect future leaders within our community is staring us in the face right now. The culture of Hip-Hop can be a vehicle to re-direct those that mislead the others within these communities in a positive direction. Hip-Hop icons Like Public Enemy, Krs-One, and X-Clan have laid seeds in the youth that followed them that have blossomed beyond the entrapments of their breeding grounds. The current Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick is brilliant example of what can be achieved from a demographic submerged in the Hip-Hop culture. We do our community a disservice to believe that we cannot use Hip-Hop as one of the forces to put our young and misguided on a journey that will lead them to heights of success only seen by our ancestors. 


2 thoughts on “What Hip-Hop is to me”

  1. Hip Hop is here forever, it’s just time for hip hop to evolve. Those of us who are getting gray and balding, yet still can’t help thumping to the bass in cars and rhyming over Alicia Keys first track on the new album, know that hip hop flows through the veins. I think that’s why it speaks to so many across racial and economic boundaries. I’ve heard people in Israel, Jamaica, Asia, all rap and emulate African American inner city culture. We speak the truth no matter what! So, hip hop must move from the formulaic hyped up bling dominated industry it has become to once again confront and overcome evil. I think the next wave of hip hop lies in the Spoken Word movement. Check out Red Letter for more of the future of hip hop. Keep the wheels spinning O! And don’t forget about your Godkids!

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