Hip-Hop, mixtape

What were you doing at 2 in the morning….and no I’m not that cocky!!!!

2-guns-up.jpgOk it is about 2:53 and I’m up writing. Why am I up you ask? Well when your favorite dj is sleep, thinking his spot in the top ten is secure I’m up protecting my spot as numero uno!!!! Yeah I said it, number phukkin’ 1 yo! There it’s out there for debate now. 1. is he really the best in the city? 2. is he really that cocky to claim the top spot? Lemme answer both of those for you. Yes and no. See I’ve heard who you think is the best and if thats the comp well…lmao! twice. If I don’t claim the top spot then some lame dude that just bought his first set of turntables(me I’m on 3rd set catch up yung’n) might do it and you just might believe him. Remember there was no King Of the South until T.I. claimed it. And nobody disputed him. So yeah until proven otherwise I AM THE BEST period exclimation point comma i love drama. So at 2 in the morning this is where my mind was, no not thinking I’m all that simply proving it. download, listen and you tell me. Don’t worry I’ll wait……… click here http://www.zshare.net/audio/99907367d0f2d7


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