The Rules to going shopping with your lady.

You ever felt like this fellas?This one is going out to the fellas. Have you ever been forced to go shopping with your girl or wife? If yes do you find yourself in stores that are full of women almost as fine as your women? Do you find yourself so very uninterested in the shopping spree that is not directly for you? Is there never anywhere comfortable for you to sit while your waiting for that perfect outfit to be discovered? Don’t worry homeboy i got some tips that may help you survive the trip.

First tip is don’t fight it. I mean really do you want to cause a bad day that could translate into a bad night….are you catching my drift. For really do nothing to put the “late night fun” in harms way!!!!!! Find away to get involved, pick out something you want to see her in. This is a good chance to create the woman you dream about….take advantage.

Here is another tip. At all cost keep the complaining to minimum and coded inside of  unaudible sarcasym. This is a small way to vent without anyone catching feelings about the comments. If she gets any feeling that you would rather be doing anything else but carrying her bags and picking out outfits that she may soon forgot she puchased, there could be problems. And who really wants Problems?

This is a big one so pay attention!!!!! Never get caught looking! Looking at what? At all of the other women that will be walking past you wondering who was lucky enough to get a guy like you to go shopping with them. This is an attractive quality to the female on lookers so be carefull dawg. I almost feel like its a trap but you can not drop the ball on this. She may catch you looking and never tell you. You may figure it out when your night becomes so very lonely and she is laying right next to you.

Last one of all. Yo if she is spending her money let her!!! Rejoice in the fact that she is not breaking your pockets. If she wants to shop on her dime let her. I mean really what can you say. Don’t try to controll her purse. For real dude you are asking for it with that one. My motto is have sale will shop. when it’s her loot that is.

Now this should help you thru these spring days that you find your self at Easton, Lennox Mall or even the Beverly Center. These rules apply nationwide trust me. Stay Focused.


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