Hip-Hop, Jay-z, Mary J. Blige, r&b

2 of my favorites….and they probablly rank up there on your charts also.

I have to say since i first heard the song “Can’t Knock the Hustle” , I thought this was a perfect combo of two artist from two different genre’s. Mary J Blige had already stole my heart early on in the 90’s with her first lp “What’s the 411?”. The rookie of the year to be in my opinion was Jay-Z, this was the first time most people heard of Jigga but i was already hip well before his first release “Reasonable Doubt”. But can’t we all agree these are the best at what they do? They both express the pain that comes from living in the streets of urban America. Even though it is two different releationship to that life, there were and still are millions of people who could relate to there stories. This newest collabo “Your Welcome” may be Jay-Z and Mary J’s finest moment together. This is really the best of both worlds, and I can only imagine the impact that they are having in the arena’s that they touring from state to state. The night i got this song it played for hours in my home, and when i got the club that night i opened closed the party with this song. l’m posting the video that was released for it, later this week i will post a link to just the audio so you groove to it on your mp3 players. Without saying much else your, all welcome.


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