Shining brighter than ever, and all grown up!

Ok I will admit to being a little stressed out this morning. Between work, work and school, my personal life has changed drastically. But these are the choices we make, right? We all wanna feel some type of happiness after our decisions are made, but there is a period of uncertainty that comes over the best of us at some point. These are feeling I believe we all have no matter what are choices in life are, no matter how big or small.
Well yesterday I was on YouTube, and I just randomly threw something in the search box. To tell the truth I can’t remember what I put in, but I ended up at a page full Def Poetry Jam clips. Now I knew Kanye West had been on there, but I didn’t know so many other rappers had been on there.
I watched a piece from Keith Murray that was more of personal moment to vent than it being entertainment for the crowd. Rev. Run who is one of my favorite figures in Hip-Hop did a spoken word rendition of the RUN-DMC classic Peter Piper. This piece ended up being a disguised memorial to Jam Master Jay. I even watched Jamie Foxx get up there and clown the Izzle Shizzle slanguage. The one piece that stood out the most was a poem from none other than MC Lyte.
Lyte took this moment to summarize her career path, the record company battles she’s had, and even shed some light on personal struggles with success and life after the limelight. I swear I’m not trying to be clever using the word light it’s just flowing that way….keep reading. I was moved by the words and the clarity I have grown accustomed to hearing them delivered by this woman, a woman has defined the concept of female mc’s. This woman has withstood the speculation on her sexuality with out wavering one bit, and now has grown beyond the conformities of today’s version of Hip-Hop to still remain relevant to her fans. On the stage that night is where it all made sense. I call this a moment of clarity. This is the moment we find security in what was has been revealed to us, it could have been cloudy but at that very moment the clouds separate and we can see so clear where we are and where have been and all things in between. I believe my moment is right around the corner, so I will not stop my travels on this bumpy road of mine. You shouldn’t stop either, the struggle will pay off.
And now from the planet Brooklyn, I bring to you Lyte the MC.


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