Kobe Bryant, Los Angles Lakers, MVP

Eat your breakfast first!!!!!!! M V P! M V P! M V P!

    I always tell people “eat your breakfast first, you can’t hate the Lakers on an empty stomach!”. By now you should know Kobe Bryant was named this years MVP. But if you are one of the people; that I will refrain from calling “haters”, that thinks he doesn’t deserve it that is what you are, a hater. I’m gonna call names on this one Brent Raymond, Dion Thompson and yes you 6S are all haters!!!!! Really there are too many to name but you know who you are. 

Now I won’t get crazy and say anything like…..he’s better than Michael Jordan, but if there is an “air” to the throne Kobe is it. Hands down he is the best guy lacing up his sneaker to play ball right now. That includes Chris Paul, LeBron James, D-Wade and anybody else you can think of. This is a good day in Laker history. A real good day if I do say so myself. We(oh yes I am Laker) have the MVP of the league, and as good of a chance as any to be holding up that trophy at the end of the season. And after last nights game between the Celtics and the Cav’s I will take either in the Finals.

I know Kobe’s street cred is in the toilet with most people, you know the Colorado thing, people thinking he got Shaq traded and all the trade talks. I said this first, 81 pts can make a lot of things distant memories. Even this award has made many people forget all the whining he did in the off season, but to win another ring without Shaq could be the one thing to shut you haters up. But enough of that just politely say it with me KO BE… M V P…KO BE….M V P!!!!!

Incase you didn’t get to see him get his award I posted the clip for all to watch. And incase you forgot what 81 pts looks like I posted that too. I would at least have a bagel before you watch and begin you hating, HATERS!


This one is for shits and giggles check it out!


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