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Judge not, lest ye be judged….or is your glass house rock proof?




By now everyone in the world knows that Robert Kelly is going to trial for some less than glamorous cinematic accusations. Basically there was a video of somebody that looked a lot like Mr. Kelly and a questionable minor in some immoral actions. We all have seen the tape and have an opinion whether it is R Kelly and a little girl in that video. Now I will say that I have seen the tape and truthfully it does look a lot like the Pied Piper of R&B, and at least on of the women on the tape did look rather young. Still and all this is America and you are innocent until proven guilty…..right?    



We all at one point have been a fan of R Kelly, haven’t we?  In the last week or so I have been bumping the hell out of an unreleased R. Kelly album called Loveland. Your saying”unreleased, I heard that before.”.  Yeah you might have heard that title before but most of you have not heard this version of it. I call this my favorite R Kelly album; to me it is the last time Kelly was an R&B singer for the entire disk. There is a version of the song that is now sang by Joe called More and More. The most creative and most expressive song on the album is the super extended version of I Believe I Can Fly.  This version takes a very spiritual twist that lets the listener hear a man pleading for help. I’m not a doctor of any type, but something was and possibly still is on R Kelly’s heart. With all the success you hear a man pleading for help from the church and being turned away, but I will let you hear the song speak for your self.  click here to listen http://www.zshare.net/audio/120714387059ab9d/ 



                                                                                                                 not one of his better moments.          


I think we all have judged R Kelly. I think we all have delivered a verdict. But now ask yourself is there anything that you have done or been accused of that has changed how people look at you? Ask yourself is it fair for the people around you to do that? Now ask yourself have you done this to anyone else? I’m guilty of it so I know you’re guilty. In most case’s a little understanding and a gathering of all the facts can help us understand what actions need to be taken, and possibly help those in need. If R Kelly did those things he is accused of he does deserve his punishment, but long before that tape and all of the accusations surfaced, he probably needed some help. Just remember at any point this could be you. Who will help you if nobody was willing to help him?


Also here is the unreleased Loveland album. You should really download this. click here to download http://www.zshare.net/download/1207420691aab744/




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