“Never Play in your box if that SH!T eats tapes!” What happen to the dude that wrote that?




To the surprise of many of you that know me, I was  a Nas fan to the fullest! Thru the years my heart has been broken time and time again upon each Nas release that has come after I Am. That was last time I personally bumped a Nas lp from front to back. Then comes the whole battle thing with Jay-Z, which I think was over after Take Over, Jay didn’t do anything but state the obvious about Nas, but that’s not what this is about. This is about the new Nas lp formally known as NIGGER. Beyond jacking me for a beat that I did 4 years ago for the Be a Nigger Too song( goto www.myspace.com/djosharp and listen to the pretty baby track) I really could care less about this album. I have heard some songs that I did like but the rest are………

What follows next is a convo I had with one of the biggest Nas fans I know, Kevin Houston. By now enough of the new Nas album has been leaked all over the net, you can be the judge of the quality or lack there of.

Also I posted one of the best songs Nas has ever created, Doo Rags. Read our convo via instant message. Leave your comments I wanna see how many of you are still getting your hearts broke.

khous21: Yo
obangaz: Yep
khous21: This shit is hot
obangaz: What
khous21: (Nas)
obangaz: Nas?
obangaz: Naw bro
khous21: Most of it is already out there
obangaz: Imma pass
khous21: Yep
khous21: Really
khous21: U heard em
khous21: ?
obangaz: I heard everything that’s been leaked
obangaz: Just ain’t the nas I like
obangaz: Ain’t the worst he’s done
obangaz: Just not the Nas I like
khous21: Wow
obangaz: Not the nas u like either
obangaz: Be for real
obangaz: You just tolerate this stuff
khous21: Na I like the concept
khous21: Its a concept album
obangaz: So the concepts ain’t that hot
obangaz: Fried chicken?
obangaz: Come on yo
khous21: Lol
khous21: Thas coo
khous21: But that sly fox
khous21: America
khous21: Testify
khous21: And queens get that money
khous21: Are hot
obangaz: Just a notch above streets disciple
khous21: Still aint heard bout 3 of em
obangaz: I’m cool
khous21: Streets diciple?
obangaz: Imma dl it
khous21: U playing
obangaz: Naw ur playing
khous21: I need to hear it all first
obangaz: Nas fans are delusional
obangaz: U heard over half
khous21: LMAO
obangaz: Plus no preemo
obangaz: B foreal
obangaz: No preemo
khous21: All the cats on the blogs saying its classic
obangaz: Give the people what the want
khous21: Premmo beats sound the same now
khous21: though
obangaz: Better than that bs he got out there now
khous21: Jay aint never go back and get ski
obangaz: These dudes on these blogs are same dudes that made the mtv list
khous21: Lol
obangaz: But jay always found hot next level beats
khous21: He did
khous21: But it never been bout the production wit nas
obangaz: Oh yes it has
khous21: U get a nas album for the lyrics
khous21: Hope the beats aint horrible lol
obangaz: Plus he slacks lyricaly
obangaz: Illmatic had classic beats and rhymes
khous21: Aint illmatic
khous21: Still killing 99% of rap out there
khous21: Illmatic is the perfect album I come to grips that it aint happening again
obangaz: Atleast “I Am” then
obangaz: I ain’t asking for “it was written”
khous21: I got that in right now
obangaz: Keep that in
obangaz: F the nigger lp
khous21: Lol
obangaz: B right back

heres the song Doo Rags for your downloading pleasure. click here to download


2 thoughts on ““Never Play in your box if that SH!T eats tapes!” What happen to the dude that wrote that?”

  1. People always complain about his joints and bump them anyway.

    This album sounds underwhelming but just like the others I’ll probably bump it anyway after the hype is done. Which is the opposite of what others but Nas music does suprisingly longtime value from a strictly lyrical standpoint. And Im cool with that.

    So sit back and enjoy whats on there and just take it for what it is rather than the next Illmatic, cause it aint like there is an abundance of dopeness.

  2. I personally don’t judge music off of what else is there to bump. I just go back to what i like or search until I find something new that suites me. Nas in his present state just don’t do it for me. He has a lost a step or 2 in his flow. its like watching Jordan in Wizard’s jersey, just not what it used to be. I’ll be the first to admit it when he got a banger. Look out for the song Breathe on the new album, I pray for you die hard Nas fans it makes the cut. thanks for the reply, goto http://www.fullblastradio.podomatic.com and check out some new music, you might find something you like. I did.

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