Jay-z, Los Angles Lakers, mixtape, Random Thoughts

Trust me I’m the only one up this late…… grinding…… like this.



Now I know it’s late and your probably sleep.


But I’m not.


Got the mixes to prove it.


But before we get to that.


I wanna say some things.


Lil Wayne is the truth.


Jay does not need to put out another album.


The “Looking Boy” song is everybody’s guilty pleasure.


Fansworth got a dope jam on his hands…with or without Dre 3000.


The Lakers will be back in the Finals next season.


I do not miss the club life.



Ummmm I’m finally getting sleepy(3:57 am)….bout time huh?



Okay now for the music just click the links and download.


Good night, Good morning………good something.




Download “So Far So GooD”


Download “This Is What Your Radio is Supposed to Sound Like”








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