Conversations with Corey and Otis pt1



 Me and my dude CFave are exactly alike in so many ways. We simply love Hip-Hop. No bones about it I know CFave has Hip-Hop flowing thru his veins as do I. So it was due time lovers of the culture got together to discuss are likes and dislikes of this thing of ours.


   Many of you may not know it but the New York state transplant CFave was once behind the annoyance of fliers we would see pasted to the window of our cars after we leave a club. He was co-owner of the infamous graphic design company milkcrate concepts. Yeah he was part of those high gloss fliers that informed you of where I would be spinning. Well, where all of the dj’s would be spinning. Now days CFave is part of the invasion. Midwest Invasion that is. This is an extension to DJ Green Lantern Team Invasion. Naw he ain’t a dj he’s on the corporate side now. But only known to a few insiders CFave is a pretty dope MC! Yeah and I been begging dude to do a project. That’s how this conversation that your about hear(click here to hear it) even came about. Disclaimer- if anybody’s feelings are hurt by the words we put out there remember this, once you release the art you create to the world it is subject to millions of opinions. Don’t mistake opinions for hate; nothing in this culture should cause such a negative sentiment. I think. Enjoy the conversation.





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