Hip-Hop, Malcolm X, Politics

One of my favorite people to hear speak!!!!! And he never snitched!

Sometime ago in my childhood I got put on to Malcolm X. I really believe KRS-ONE’s reproduction of the By Any Means Necessary picture (of Malcolm X) for his second album of that same title By Any Means Necessary changed my life and the lives of many of my peers. Thank you KRS-ONE!!!!

I say thank you because without that album and its cover who know when I would have been enlightened by the life of Malcolm X.

Images like this had a large impact on our lives as we live them now. We only now recognize since we no longer are given these images by the more accessible artist, the young people may not understand why I’m even writing this.

What your about to hear is taped conversation by one of the most influential figures in hip-hop. Malcolm X inspired the youth of his era and the many of era’s to come. Jim Jones didn’t start the stop snitchin’ movement, hell he probably doesn’t have any information that the feds wanna hear. But Minister Malcolm did have some jewels the feds would love. He held the inner workings of the Nation of Islam within his mind. He was second in command remember. But he wouldn’t crack! Not even when at odds with his leader and teacher. He wouldn’t budge. Lets all think what your favorite leader would do under that kind of pressure. I know what mine would do.

checkout the exchange between Malcolm X and some FBI agents below.










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