What’s poppin’ people? The early part of October has been a busy one! I finished two mix cd’s that are available for download here, I been recording some shows for FULLBLAST RADIO as well a doing my the club thing. Regardless if you see me at one spot or another be sure I am somewhere getting it in. But this blog is about the mixtapes, one is for the FLYPAPER’S 1 year anniversary(shout to Big Yogi and crew) the other one is for a college prep tour created by Alonzo and Wali thru there company Clarity Creative Institute. The FLYPAPER mix cd is full of all the latest music both rap and r&b, the second on which is called School Is My Swagger is full inspiring music for the kids. We put this one together to let the children know there is some more music out there to listen to. Check the playlist some of the parents are gonna want to bump this too.

Just click on the cd covers and download the mix. If you have any problems downloading the cd’s contact me at osharp7@gmail.com so I can walk you thru it. Enjoy this music and I will check you later.

 Da Closer


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