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A Message to White America

nm_anti_obama_081008_mnit is hilarious to see so many white folks feeling some sort of stress about having a black president.lmao!!! but what is really funny is how worried you seem to be. first off regardless of color a man has to be just that a man. i hope he will be able to look past what has been done to black people in America. i hope that he doesn’t have an agenda to save or solely benefit black people with his position of power. because he would be just like the many WHITE presidents we have had to tolerate. but remember this, white people set up the political system not black people, white America as great as the system could be it has been an oppressive system to the minorities of this country. is is that your afraid to feel the wrath of the monster you have created? i expect OUR president to do what he can with in the system. i expect nothing in special treatment because of our skin color. i just want what you have had for so many years a fair chance to win or loose.

i want everyone that reads this to go to this page and see how some white america is feeling right now. this shit is so funny to me!!


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