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Song of the week



It’s Friday and I know the song of the week is a little late…but I was really contemplating posting a Soulja Boy song. My son Justice has me singing Turn My Swag on religously. I’m glad to say Soulja Boy didn’t make to the cut although it was close. The song I chose may bring back some memories to your high school years. The song Baby Don’t Cry by Lalah Hathaway is possibly my favorite song of all time. when this came out I was fresh to the games of love and yes I to was a victim. It was like she was sing to me telling me it was gonna be alright. Thank you Video Soul for airing this video. And thank you Lalah for sing to my heart. And if the girl that did me dirty is reading this thank you too, you kinda gave this song purpose in my life.

Side Bar-my crush on Ms. Hathaway remains to this day.    LalahHathaway

Click here to download the song of the week 


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