Song of the Week

Song of the Week


I know I’ve been away for a while but I come back bearing gifts. I have a new toy, an IPhone!!! You know I’m packing it with some really good music. I’m putting a lot of new stuff that your favorite radio station won’t be playing, but I’m putting some classic material on there as well. This week’s song is about a year old, that’s still relatively new for most of you. The song is calles Angel and it’s from the oh so classic Chaka Khan’s latest album Funk This. This song kinda sounds like a Luther Vandross song but it’s really a good sad song, figure that one out. If you had no clue she had a new album out it is cool. Just stay focused and catch the hell up!!!

email at if you wanna hear about the how I flirted with Chaka.

Chaka Khan - Funk This (2007) Retail CD Click here to download Angel from Chaka Khan’s new LP Funk This.


You have got to download Jason Mraz’s song called I’m Yours!!!!

This song is crazy, you probably heard it and are afraid to claim that you dig it.


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