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Does it get any better than this?

I can’t say I’m overly sad over the passing of Michael Jackson, after a couple major losses in my own life I personally view death of people I don’t really know a little different. I choose to celebrate what I did know about them. Michael Joseph Jackson was one of the baddest singer/song writer/performers any generation has seen. I enjoyed his music privately and enjoy playing it in the clubs, family reunions or anywhere that will let me be me. I believe we all knew James Brown was one of Mike’s influences. I also believe we all chose a side in the debate over the better entertainer, Prince or Michael. I really didn’t know what to post until I ran into this really rare clip of James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince on stage together. You can see what both have taken from the Godfather of Soul. You can also see a little competion between the two, but most of all we see talents unlike anything probably to be viewed again in our lifetime.


Michael Joseph Jackson


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