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The Birth Place of Hip-HopThis being my first post i guess I should put this little thing I wrote about Hip-Hop. First off i don’t think most people that love or at least claim to love really know what Hip-Hop is. And I’m not claiming to have the handbook on Hip-Hop or anything I just really pay attention to everything I’m shown, even the smallest details….its just how I am when it comes to this thing called Hip-Hop. As soon as I figure out how to upload some links to music the will be up.

                                                                                                 Hip-Hop is…..
            Many people see Hip-Hop as a way life. Many people even see it as a global economic structure, which can be a source of the realization of the American Dream. In actuality Hip-Hop is a self created savior to those in need of a more relative means of guidance. Its existence in the economically deprived areas has been a beacon of light for a new…

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