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“I Got A Story to Tell”… A random post about B.I.G…


So I’m sitting in the barber shop doing a bunch of nothing… And a memory floats thru my mind. Before I go deeper into the thought, the shop I work in is full of conversation and debates… “Kobe will NEVER be better than Jordan!” to our most frequent to date but still the most redundant “Biggie or PAC?”. Today there was a young man who’s nickname is P Diddy… We’ve been pumping a Junior Mafia station for most of the week, so this wandering memory I’m bout to express is no surprise.
So the city is Atlanta and its spring again the reason I’m here is Freaknik! Yes I made it! About six of us drove down for the event. Dame and mike are the OG’s me and Rickie B are the virgins of the trip. The previous journeymen vowed to bring some one new to the next spring break trip to the A and Rick and I were the lucky ones. With sixty bucks in tow and handful of mix tapes we made our way down I-95, geeked was the word for the emotions I was feeling. Now I’m gonna push the fast forward button to the end of the trip(there will more post coming surrounding the events of the trip) we are on the way home to the 614 pockets on E but minds full of memories. The sole souvenir of the trip was the co-purchased infamous DJ Clue spring stick mix tape, keep note about this particular mix tape as well. Now we’re back on the road seeing all the license plates leaving Georgia all attached to the flyest cars young black money can buy. Amidts all the talk of woulda coulda shoulda’s of the weekend I see a cream colored Benz pull up next to us. Now how ever it happened we were being checked out like all the other women we had scoped out by none other than the Notorious B.I.G. . It wasn’t the fact that we are now the objects of misdirected male desires but IT is the fact the we are riding side by side the Biggie Smalls and “wait is that Puff Daddy driving?!?”. This encounter lasted all of the 20 to 30 seconds it took for Sean and Chris to realize we weren’t ladies at all but in fact we were hysterical fans! That cream Benz sped off quickly but not quick enough before I spotted that New York Knicks colored license plate. I guess biggie was trying to score on more for the road, sorry dawg. That’s my random B.I.G. story for the day.
Oh yeah the Pandora DJ just thru on “Who Shot Ya?”


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