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A New Measure of Greatness


I spent a lot of my life pursing things I considered great.. Mostly all of them revolved around music and this compulsive thought that I belonged in the music industry. What could be greater? The greatest people were making music when this thought entered my mind like Run, Prince and Mike. Everything in my mind said I belonged there. I put in the work to know the histories of many musics styles and I honed my craft. All the things the great ones did I attempted. In retrospect I did make it inside the door of the industry, no platinum plaques and no world tours but I have traveled well via my talent. I have met folks you rank on the list of greatest of greats. I quietly have been apart of the beginnings legacies that are now receiving high praise. I have passively changed my city. Those things are great, right? At some point in my matured life those things didn’t seem to matter enough. Take note friend, the praise from greatness won’t save you when your world is crashing around you and this is something I will never forget. So right now I measure greatness differently. “Do I want to do great things or things that are greatly needed?” The self-serving concept of greatness has tarnished many things I’ve loved dearly. The desire to do what is greatly needed is a Spirit inspired sentiment. It truly is the path of the less traveled. It is lonely. It doesn’t always lead to financial wealth either. It actually could have you giving things away that others perceive as having great value. A lot of those things are not ours to begin with, they were given to us be given to those with a great need for them. My view point has been transformed, the greatest thing I can now do is whatever it is God has placed in front of me to do. God specializes in doing things that are greatly needed and our finite minds are unable to measure the true greatness of any of that. “Does the world need another great Dj?” I don’t think so no better I know so! The world needs better parent, better teachers, better ways to reach our lost souls. That need is great! So what happens to all the time spent practicing and studying to be great something? In God’s infinite plan nothing is wasted not one second of our lives, not one mistake and operating inside that plan is my new measure of greatness.


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