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1536664_10153117319386521_7299112554598989342_nWritten last Monday

So tonight’s Monday Night Mashout was different. It felt like it had purpose. I think we all want to find our or a purpose in life that has value. We want that purpose to mean something to the people we share it with. I’ve always thought radio purpose could be so much more than a few tunes. We are now blessed to have a platform like internet radio. The playing field has changed. We have a choice as the creators of radio entertainment. The consumer has a choice of what he it she will take in to there ear gate. Some of our choices won’t be popular, but I’m cool with that. Being unpopular ain’t half bad.. slightly less stressful. So for the month of September I plan to bring you radio programming with a purpose.
We can can take our conversations deeper. We can expand our listening palette’s.
So every Monday you can tune in at 8pm and hear convo you won’t hear on other stations or shows. You will music that probably won’t make it on other Dj’s playlist. If you tune every Monday from 8pm till 10pm and you will find out what your radio is supposed to sound like.

Listen the show HERE


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