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10898125_10153433477881521_1554104447916122164_nColumbus Knows Music – 2014 Indy Music Review – Pulse Radio

The independent music scene in Columbus has been hot for a long time. I know because I had already heard of, and even seen some of Columbus’ own perform before the thought of relocating from the Bay Area to Columbus materialized.

Independent Music acts like Blueprint, J. Rawls/The Liquid Crystal Project, Rufus Blaq, and Mojoflo have been representing Columbus for a long time. I remember seeing Blueprint perform in California in 2005 and again in 2008 to not only a large stadium and auditorium audience, but also to the loudest reception out of all the performers!

When spending time at Creative Music; the independent Mom and Dad record store in The Mission I grew up in, I often heard The Liquid Crystal Project and was already familiar with the Jazz Hip Hop sound coming out of Columbus and the buzz they were creating worldwide. So when I finally moved to Columbus it was no surprise that the independent music scene was as rich as I imagined it to be and closely resembled that of The Bay Area.

2014 was no different for The #614, actually it was Columbus Indy Music at its best. This past year, Columbus proved we’ve got it all.

On any given Friday you could find DJ O Sharp, DJ Reese 2 OH, DJ Buka, J. Rawls and Polar Entertainment putting on Ruff Draft. An event showcasing some the hottest DJ’s, break dancers, and The City’s up and coming performers. In true Columbus Hip Hop tradition Zero Star and DJ POS 2 kept it ruff, rugged and raw with Buggin’ Out, an event for the authentic Hip Hop Heads guaranteed to bring out the best of the local and national Hip Hop artists to the #614. Knock 5 added flavor to the mix, with its popular Music & Art event. Artist like Copywrite, Blast Mega/The Almighty Owl Greens (TAOG), Hafrican, Isojah, theFWD and many more of Columbus’ most talented took the stage and conquered it, with DJ Bombeardo spinning close by. The 3rd Power a music group made up of famed Sweet Misery/Rashad, CoCity & PA Flex hosted The 5th Annual Summer Jam #614, a prelude to the national appearance on Sway in the Morning on Shade 45, and then major production on “Ohio”, the debut album by Stalley released Nationwide by MMG Music.

-You want R&B? Columbus has got it; Rene Dion, Qamil, Roxie, Bjazz, Sheldon Whiteside and many more.
-Is Alternative Rock more your taste? Check out Fresh Wreckage, one of the best bands I’ve ever seen (period).
-Are you a hard core, no crossover Hip Hop head? Well, from Blueprint, Nez Words, King Vada, P. Blakk, Zero Star, ArmondWakeUp, Fly Union, Ill Po, Young Wise, D. Larue, Diggy Dulce, Mook the Star, and even with the very long list of artist that follows – your choices still begin and end with genuine Hip Hop.
-How about your feel good music? Well how about; Sara D, J. Rawls – The Legacy, Ceezar, T. Wong, Jonathan Baker, and Violinist – Sassy BowFlow.
-Need a hot producer? Columbus’ own Jon Rogers is as diverse and as talented as you can get. Only he can make electronic, futuristic, sound hard and smooth at the same dang time! Then there is Satele; a young, and talented producer who is already making noise and just getting started.
-And not to be outdone are the Poets in the Capital City; Yarima Karama, Javier Sanchez, Naki Akrobettoe, Scott Woods, Ani Mwalimu, J.G. TheJugganaut, Speak Williams and many more are intelligent, positive, sincere, talented, moving, inspiring, local, independent and along with the above named performers are telling the story of the #614 and doing it well.

This review only scratches the surface of the Independent Music scene in The #614. There is much you can discover for yourself, from the Northside to the Southside and from the Eastside to Westside. Columbus has a long history of making music and a legacy to live up to. The Mt. Vernon District, Long street, The King Arts Community and The Lincoln Theatre are known nationally for creating and conserving music.
And if mainstream music is really as bad as you say it is…then the independent, local music scene is just what you need in your life!
Think Global. Act Local.

Written by: Vida Michelle / Contact: mividamichelle@gmail.com

Listen to the convo and music tonight at 8pm on www.thepulse-radio.com


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