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Man… what’s the word people? Here is last night’s Monday Night Mashout on The Pulse Radio. The guest was Sino, an up and coming artist from Detroit! The homie Le2thaOn brought Sino in for a dope interview and sat in with us. We premiered Sino’s newest track “Work That” WE also hit you with that new Beyonce track “Bow Down” and Kendrick Lamar’s remix to “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” featuring Jay-Z! download the show and see what you missed!


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The Roc Reunion

My thoughts

I can’t start this piece without talking about why Roc-a-fella Records holds such special space in most people’s hearts. The Roc gave an identity to the young black men of different types. The dude that was re-ing weekly had theme music. The retro-soulful back drops matched with timeless syncopation to the then present day street struggles. The corporate young black male had a role model in urban success. These role models spoke the language and lingo these men had been told would be shunned once they walked into those board rooms. Jay and Dame spoke that lingo loudly and proudly, and when we heard we knew we had uncompromisingly made it. The excess that was spoke of in the boastings felt deserving since we all connected to the struggle Beans and Freeway had detailed. We longed for the unity that we seen from the Roc La familia. We wanted our own individual factions to be as tight as State Property appeared to be. The Roc gave everyday apparel legit, that white tee and doo rag was easy to cop so we all could put on our own Roc-a-wear outfit. Those outfits were truly standard issue for the fans of any Roc-a-fella artist. We all knew a hustler that had mastered his flow and represented his neighborhood, isn’t that what everyone at the Roc had done? We all identified with someone from this crew/record label. In the big scheme of things Roc-a-fella mattered and so did everyone they took along for the ride.
So seeing the reunion of our favorite sons of the struggle banded together again ignites a flame that the industry’s new darlings say don’t matter. They say that lyrics, styles and passion are not needed in today’s rap world. That’s a shame; we knew Freeway meant every word he whined and moaned on some of the best soul loops we had ever heard. Emotional that was pulled out from those sped up samples allowed us all to cry in front of the world. Don’t we need to still tell those tear filled stories don’t our struggles matter? December 19th the Roc signs were held high and on that day we mattered and that is special.



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FYI I do a radio show every Monday from 8pm to 9:30pm on The Pulse Radio . Me and the Lady Kooture had a lot of fun playing our favorite Hov songs and sharing memories!

download here and enjoy the show


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“When I come back wearing the 45……” or “Kingdom Come:Perfected”

Okay he  did it again….

Every time I think that  he (Jay-Z) should stop…he throws me a curve ball.

If your reading this your about to download The Blueprint 3.

It doesn’t compare to the first Blueprint but it makes up for Kingdom Come

It could have been called “Kingdom Come:Perfected

The fans weathered the worst of the storm(all the horrible Timbaland leaked songs)

Either way it’s not Jordan with the 23 nor is it Jordan with the Wizard’s

That four five fits him well on this one.


Jay-z, Song of the Week

Song of the Week

If you haven’t heard the new Jay-Z song here it is. I am a Jay-Z fan but somewhere after The Black Album I became content with the possibility that that was his shining exit. Then he came back. Again and then again once more. I think the picture posted kinda lets you know how I’m feeling about this latest effort. You listen and you be the judge.


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Trust me I’m the only one up this late…… grinding…… like this.



Now I know it’s late and your probably sleep.


But I’m not.


Got the mixes to prove it.


But before we get to that.


I wanna say some things.


Lil Wayne is the truth.


Jay does not need to put out another album.


The “Looking Boy” song is everybody’s guilty pleasure.


Fansworth got a dope jam on his hands…with or without Dre 3000.


The Lakers will be back in the Finals next season.


I do not miss the club life.



Ummmm I’m finally getting sleepy(3:57 am)….bout time huh?



Okay now for the music just click the links and download.


Good night, Good morning………good something.




Download “So Far So GooD”


Download “This Is What Your Radio is Supposed to Sound Like”